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Your Edm Q&a: Dutch Dnb Festival Giant Korsakov Is Starting A New Label And Here's Why It's A Big Deal

Posted on October 27, 2018 by Saqila
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As more U.S. drum and bass fans become aware of the massive UK and EU festival scenes and their growth, more names are cropping up every year that stateside heads should know about. From the standards of Let It Roll and the Hospitality series to more obscure let nonetheless massive festivals like Invaderz and Rampage, it seems like there’s more and more to learn with every passing season and more and more reasons to make the trip across the pond.

Korsakov has become one of these new earworms we’re hearing more often stateside. Korsakov’s founders began making techno events as in the Netherlands a few years ago but quickly switched to DnB and never looked back. It grew from there quite quickly, and now on its most recent run over Halloween weekend, Korsakov sold out a 5,000 capacity venue in Rotterdam. Yes, Rotterdam; home of techno and gabber. Not only are Korsakov surviving, they’re thriving and have become one of the biggest drum and bass festivals in the world.

In addition to their landmark festival just last week, Korsakov also did something that very few festivals are trying: they started a label. This is extremely novel for the festival scene in Europe, where pretty much no festie promoters are anything more than loosely associated with labels, save for Hospitality. The new Korsakov label released an introductory compilation just ahead of the end of October show, and with tracks by Maztek, Jade, The Clamps, Feint and Gridlok, it’s a great reflection of the festival: diverse, danceable and hard-hitting, and it’s a definite preview of things to come.

With Korsakov’s buzz on the rise and the new Korsakov Compilations Vol. 1out and doing well, Your EDM decided to sit down and chat with the promotion company-turned-label’s newly knighted A&R person, Elmar van Eijk about how the project got started and what kind of madness we can expect from one of the craziest festivals in drum and bass. Spoiler: lots of tracks from lots of big names are incoming from Korsakov, so read on.