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Critic Review Of Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat By Times Of India

Posted on September 12, 2018 by Billa
96 out of 100 based on 763 user ratings
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Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat


A comedy of errors that is let down by shoddy execution.

Cast & Crew

Critic's Rating: 1.5/5

Story: Girdhari Lal (Sanjay Mishra) is a priest in Mathura who has no money, but he wishes to get his daughter Radha (Kajal Jain) married to Gopal (Mahesh Sharma) with full pomp. To get the money, he decides to marry off his son Banwari (Chandrachoor Rai) and use the dowry for his daughter’s marriage.
Review: Any comedy film requires a marriage of good ideas and skillful execution. Ekkees Tareekh Shubh Muhurat has some fantastic ideas, but uninspired and jaded execution make it a tedious watch.

A middle-aged priest struggles to earn a living and survives off the modest earnings of his daughter. When it comes to getting her married, Panditji (Sanjay Mishra) has to hustle with gangsters, cops and politicians. This is supposed to be a comedy of errors where an average priest and his family are caught up in a series of unfortunate but funny events. But Ekkees Tareekh… suffers gravely from lackluster writing and shoddy storytelling. The worst part of the film is the editing, which makes the scenes look like they were stitched together in a tearing hurry.

The comic and dramatic talents of Sanjay Mishra are wasted in this random and incoherent film. The critique and satire on the arranged marriage system in India also fails to deliver.

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